Do you find that styling products aren’t giving you the volume you desire? Do you wish for longer hair but struggle with growing it out? Extensions can help you achieve voluminous or long, gorgeous hair that you are excited to show off. Our extensions specialists utilize DreamCatchers extensions to ensure that the integrity of your hair’s health is maintained and that the addition to your locks look naturally gorgeous.

As the foremost extension specialists of Ponte Vedra Beach, we know that the quality of the extension is of the upmost importance, so that’s why we are thrilled to work with DreamCatcher’s unique blend of Remy European hair. The quality is unmatched by any other product on the market. The extensions’ luster and shine never diminish, and the micro-cylinder technology allow the application process to be clean, easy, and non-damaging. The 100% human hair creates a natural look that will allow you to wear your hair in a variety of styles without worry. Even better, our extensions are reusable. This gives you a sustainable option, so that you can enjoy your new hair for a longer amount of time.


At Bellezza Salon, we specialize in using Donna Bella Hair Extensions. Donna Bella is a leader in selling high quality hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, hair extension kits, and accessories. They provide competitively priced hair extension supplies all made of the finest materials available on the market. In each hair extension product, they use the highest quality human hair available from India. Once they have acquired the hair it undergoes an unusual but extremely effective treatment method in preparation for use. They offer only 100% remy hair in all of our hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, and our hair extension kits.

Donna Bella’s Kera-Link extensions are installed by fusing the keratin tipped extension to the woman’s own, natural hair. The fused extensions look and feel natural and are the perfect solution for a long-lasting, long-hair look. When correctly taken care of, these extensions will last 3-6 months.

Donna Bella’s I-Link installation process causes no damage to the hair and requires no heat, glues, or chemicals. These extensions come pre-tipped for easy application and removal. After use, these extensions are gently removed by opening the clamped bead and releasing the hair. These too should last 3-6 months depending on natural hair growth.

Donna Bella’s Tape-In hair extension method is a revolutionary system without the use of beads, clips, or glues. This method is easily removed using Donna Bella’s acetone-free bond remover. These Tape-In extensions last up to 2-4months with maintenance.

At Donna Bella Milan they have one goal: to offer hair fashion which can keep up with the pace with the ever changing roles of modern women. Through their hair care products and useful free information, they will add beauty to every aspect of life for the 21st century woman. They have a full range of products for every situation. Whether you need something short and professional for work or something luxurious for the weekend, they have the hair extension care products for you.